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    • PIM for BIM book is an introduction to an area in-between product information management (PIM) and building information modelling (BIM). What construction material is for building a house, reliable product data is for BIM.

      This is the first book on the topic of product and building information management. The authors that the data providers are looking for a vendor-independent reference material that would guide them through the topic of product information management of building materials in the construction industry.

      This book is for producers of building materials, specifiers, project designers and construction engineers, wholesalers and retailers and anyone who is interested.

      PIM for BIM gives an insight into the relationship of Product information management with Building information modeling. The use of bricks and pipes in building a house is similar to the importance of reliable product data used in BIM processes.

      This book is the first one dedicated to the topic. Only now data providers in the construction industry are looking for advice to guide them through the vast collections of product data.

      This book is for product experts who maintain product data in various systems and for data specialists who organize them. It will help their managers to understand the complexity of making reliable product data available. It will assist BIM specialists who make BIM models relying on the data provided. This book also offers wholesalers an understanding of Master Data Management and Product Information Management in the construction industry.

      Purpose of this book is to be read and put into practice. PIM is the building block, the foundation of BIM. This book may let you see product information as an asset and equip you with the necessary concepts.

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      ISBN 9783948742362
      Authors Karina Breitwieser, Malwina Nawrocka and Josef Platil
      Guest articles Darren Lester, Mario Kubista, Tobias Tretzmüller
      Language English
      Year of publishing 2021
      Date of publishing 08.10.2021
      binding paperback
      size 12,5 cm x 19 cm
      Weight 161 g
      ID in 1227626401
      Publisher bSD Verlag - Haus der Bundespressekonferenz
      Published in (city) Berlin
      Published in (country) Germany
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